Fairy Land Cake


It is already mid-February..while so many pictures have not been posting yet.

For so many reasons I was not in the mood of blogging, until I received a message on Faradys Cake Fan Page from a cake artist in London who is the owner of http://www.patacake-parties.com.


I was looking for pictures of Rolex Watch Cakes on Google when I came across the step-by-step photos you uploaded of how you made the watch…

… thank you SO, SO MUCH! I can’t tell you how much it helped! I’m just putting the finishing touches to my cake now.

Kindest regards


I am really appreciate it. Thanks a lot Suzanne.  Alhamdulillah, glad to know that my posting was useful.

OK, I will try to post another cake again. Let’s start from this Fairy Cake which I made end of last year :-) .

Unfortunately I do not have step by step for this cake but I hope it can give you inspirations.


It was fun making this cake. I love the colors, the design which is made by my own customer. It was unique and really matched with the invitation.

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Diameter of each tier: 35, 25, 20 and 15 cm with total height approximately 75 cm. All decorated with fondant, except for the wire on top and the small roses on the wire made of clay.

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Basketball – Miami Heat



Office Desk

What’s on your desk? :-)

office desk

office desk cake2

Rolex Deepsea Cake


The trust of the customer often makes me more exited to make a cake especially cake that I never made before, such this Rolex cake. And I was lucky because the customer like the result.

This was made of 20×20 cm chocolate cake. So far I have made 3 Rolex cakes, and I took some pictures when making it.

Rolex Box Step by step


Once the cake covered ganache and already set, you need colored fondant to make Rolex box cake. Decorate cake from the top (ivory), then other sides of the box one by one (moss green).

For the Rolex watch, you need grey colored fondant and edible image for the center of body. I got not too black edible image for the outer body of Rolex, so I changed the outer circle with black fondant as seen on the picture bellow:

Rolex Body Step by step

rolex 2 zoom resize

For the standing box cover at the back, I made it from 1 cm thick styrofoam, decorated with fondant.

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